Castles of the Drôme

Visit the most beautiful castles in the region

The castles of Grignan and Montélimar

The Drôme is a region brimming with treasures and sights to see and discover. Among these, the châteaux of the Drôme are numerous and well known for being well worth a visit. If they all have a rich and important past, or if they are all an integral part of the region's history, the châteaux of Suze-la-Rousse, Montélimar and Grignan are among the most emblematic.

Bordered by fields of lavender, the Château de Grignan dominates the plains and mountains that surround it. This palace acts as a witness to the Renaissance and classicism era of the region thanks to its architecture. Classified as a Historic Monument in 1993, it has now gone from an eventful history to cultural programmes that bring it to life throughout the year. The Château de Montélimar offers an exceptional panorama to admire its surroundings. Perched on the heights of the city, it dominates Montélimar, which it protected for a time in the Middle Ages thanks to its privileged position. 

Aerial view of Château de Grignan
Façade of Château de Grignan, one of the most imposing châteaux in the Drôme region

and many others

Finally, the Château de Suze-la-Rousse has a most bucolic location. Also built on high ground, this castle is now home to the Université du Vin, as if to recall and signify the prestige of this building. Although it was first used as a military building, it was later used as a residence thanks to its sumptuous Renaissance facades which dominate the main courtyard. Inside, paintings and ornamental engravings bear witness to the rich history that has passed through these walls.

The castles of the Drôme are numerous, and there are many others to visit and discover. The Château de Cornillon-sur-l'Oule, the Château d'Arzeliers and the Château de Rochefort en Valdaine are all well worth a visit to discover the region's glorious past.



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