The Drôme

Castle Drôme provençale

A department steeped in history

The Drôme is a department to discover for all lovers of breathtaking landscapes.

For history buffs, the castles of Drôme Provençale are a must. Many of them are worth a visit. Among them, the castle of Montélimar, the castle of Grignan, the castle of Arzeliers or the castle of Cornillon-sur-l'Oule. Our department also has magnificent fortified villages, often built around buildings from the past such as these famous castles or churches dating back several centuries. In addition to these castles, the Tour de Crest is the highest dungeon in Europe with a height of 52 metres. Its 5 floors were used as a state prison for years. It dominates the Rhône and has seen centuries of history pass by at its feet.

Village of Grignan
Nyons, Drôme

the horse factor's palace

Another special feature, and not the least, offered by the Drôme is the Palais du facteur Cheval. Built entirely from stones collected during 30 years of travel, Ferdinand Cheval brought his imagination to life and materialised it through this palace which includes a temple, a basin and a waterfall. This palace has been classified as a historical monument since 1969.




The Provençal baronies

The Baronnies Provençales Regional Nature Park is a truly protected and preserved area



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chateau de grignan

Castles of the Drôme

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